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Energy Backup and
Off-Grid Solutions

Round the Clock Power

Increased Energy Security

Energy Independence

Save Money

Better for the Planet

Solar panels generate power when the sun shines. But at night, or on a cloudy day, their output reduces or stops. A battery allows you to store any electricity you don’t use, so you can tap into it at night or when it’s cloudy. Thus, you never waste your power.

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Round the Clock Power

Storing surplus solar power makes you less reliant on the grid, which is particularly valuable in regions that suffer regular brownouts or blackouts. Keep that fridge powered in those blackout situations.

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Increased Energy Security

Battery storage takes you one step closer to energy independence and reduces your dependence on utilities. You can stand a bit taller knowing that.

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Energy Independence

Not only are you saving money off your electric bills, you can help those fluctuating times by using the stored energy during peak times when the utility bill rates increase.

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Save Money

Most of the electricity you get from the grid is from coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuels, which pollute the environment. By storing your solar power, you can ensure you’re using as much renewable power as possible which is awesome.

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Better for the Planet


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Battery Storage
vs. Gas-Powered Generators


Sure, battery storage may cost more than a traditional generator, but you can expect the total lifeline cost of a generator to exceed that of battery storage due to these reasons.


Batteries require little to no maintenance, while generators need
yearly service to make sure they are operational and safe.


Battery storage can have federal, state and local incentives while generators are usually not momentarily incentivized.

Saving The Planet

And of course there is the saving the planet, saving the humansand animals element to battery storage which is super cool.