Palmetto is the leading clean technology software and fulfillment company.

Palmetto is scaling the deployment of consumer cost-saving clean technology products such as energy storage, solar power, demand management systems, energy efficiency through our business-to-business-to-consumer platform.


Palmetto Is A Five Star Customer Rated Company.

Are you a homeowner?

Did you know solar power can save you money on your monthly utility bills?

Palmetto helps homeowners save money on their utility bills with solar power and energy storage. Contact us and we will put you in-touch with one of Palmetto certified sales representatives today!


Palmetto | Home Provides Consumer Transparency.

We provide homeowner savings with clean technology products such as solar power.  But, more importantly, we help homeowners monitor their savings in real-time with Palmetto | Home. We are always just a 'chat button' away and able to answer any questions at anytime.

Business-to-Business Platform.

We provide proprietary technology and fulfillment support via our proprietary B2B Platform - Palmetto | Alchemy.


Alchemy helps our sales partners, or Alchemists, access consumer finance products, fast design & engineering services, complete fulfillment and 5 Star customer service.  For Alchemists that are scaling their sales business, we aim to offer finance support and country-wide support.



Palmetto Rhode Island-1

Palmetto Expands Into Rhode Island

Palmetto, a clean technology company providing customers with control of their energy usage, is announcing its expansion into Rhode Island after seven years of growth across the nation. Palmetto is offering homeowners a competitive solar solution combined with its proprietary technology to provide residents with personalized insights and control over daily energy usage.



Time To Re-Think Our Rebuild: Climate Change

In the wake of massive hurricanes that caused over $200 billion in damages in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico, it’s time to plan for a stronger, more energy resilient system.  As these weather patterns continue to intensify, consider this: seven of the top ten most damaging hurricanes in U.S. history have occurred since 2005 — not including Irma and Harvey.



The Ins & Outs of Solar Tax Credits

Homeowner, solar energy saves you heaps of cash. It lowers or nearly eliminates your electric bills and provides safe, renewable energy that won’t harm the environment. As a result, you will enjoy some extra padding in your pocket and a healthier spring in your step because of the clean energy. To speed up the process of padding your pockets, you can even claim a solar investment tax credit, called an ITC.