Switching to solar saves you money.


Save on monthly utility bills

Solar panels can power your refrigerator, TV, lights, and other appliances. Ditch the utility bills! Save money each month by producing your own power.


Increase the value of your home

Homes with solar power systems have higher property value, sell more quickly (and at a higher premium) than similar homes without solar


Get state and federal tax credits

Taxpayers may claim up to 30% in Federal Tax Credit on solar energy system expenditures for their residence, in addition to state tax credits and rebates.


How much could you save by switching to solar?


Powering your home with solar is the sustainable choice.


An abundant, renewable energy source

The sun provides a constant and consistent power source that will never run out and can deliver electricity for our world indefinitely.

Solar power won’t contribute to global climate change and doesn’t require hazardous waste disposal like nuclear power.

Solar energy is far more eco-friendly than non-renewable sources like coal, which releases harmful greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the air.


More homeowners are going solar than ever before.

Over the past decade, home solar installation has grown almost 75% each year due to major decreases in manufacturing and installation costs. More at-home solar power has been installed over the last 24 months than in the previous 30 years combined! Homeowners are recognizing the value of generating their own energy—independent from utility companies and rising rates.

Our bill just after this first month was $100 less than we budgeted for. Which, needless to say, is very nice. I appreciate the professionalism Palmetto Solar has displayed and look forward to working with you into the future.
— Kearney K., Palmetto Customer since 2015
Never thought we would be waiting for our electric bill to come, but now we welcome it. Last year our January bill was $69.41 and this year $12.69. December was also $12.32. Thank you Palmetto Solar and our solar panels.
— Norbert S., Palmetto Customer Since 2017

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Is going solar a wise investment for my home?