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Are you looking into purchasing your first home? Congratulations on taking such a major step forward! Owning your own home is a time-honored part of the American dream. With it comes the chance to settle down, establish yourself in this new chapter of your life and become a part of your community.

It’s also a great chance to shake things up and embrace renewable energy sources. Solar panels are a great investment for first-time homebuyers, as it adds value and convenience to your new house! As a leading provider of affordable solar technology, It’s our mission here at Palmetto to spread solar panels as far as we can. So here are a few reasons as to why you should add solar panels to your first home.

Going Solar Can Benefit First-Time Homebuyers

With the price of solar panels falling all of the time, paired with the improving quality and reliability of these systems, there’s never been a better time for new homeowners to take advantage of a solar panel installation. More than just cost savings on your energy bill, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of benefits.

You’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

After moving the last box out of the moving truck and wrangling your couch into the living room, selling your home is probably only in the back of your mind. However, there might come a day when you want to sell your home and move somewhere else. There are plenty of ways to improve the value of your home, like renovating the bathroom or the kitchen, but one of the most immediate returns is now adding a solar panel installation to your home. Green homes are becoming increasingly more popular with buyers of all ages, and home appraisers and real estate agents alike agree that solar panels can increase the asking price on a home in a significant way.

Solar Panels Help Your Local Economy

There’s no better way to make a positive impact on your new neighbors than by putting money back into the local economy. Having a solar panel array installed on your home helps to put local solar contractors to work and offers them the chance for follow up work when they maintain or repair your array. Solar employment has proven to be a dynamic and expanding section of the market, employing nearly 245,000 workers. The solar workforce has grown by 159 percent since 2010 and is playing a larger role in the economic health of communities across the country.

Plus, solar jobs require some training and skill to be proficient in, meaning they are highly paid. They cannot be outsourced either, which means that hiring a local solar contractor helps your friends and neighbors profit and thrive in your community. Solar panels aren’t just an investment in your financial success but of your entire community!

You’ll Help the U.S. Become Energy Independent

As Americans, we’re all about independence, so should we feel the same way about where we’re getting our energy from? Unfortunately, the U.S. is currently dependent on foreign countries or oil and gas reserves. Often, the process of extracting and refining oil in these regions has led to strife and conflict there and in neighboring regions. This leads to a fluctuation of oil and gas prices on a near-constant basis.

But utilizing solar energy technology helps you to end this dependence. While you may only install a few panels on your new home, it goes a long way to helping the U.S. and the global environment. In fact, one study found that just 25,000 square miles of solar panels would be able to produce enough power to provide electricity to the entire world. Even the square footage of your roof adds to this number.

Your Home Will Look and Feel Cooler

There’s an undeniable cool factor about adding solar panels to your new home. You’re showing to the entire neighborhood that you’re committed to sustainable living and that you want to leave the world a better place than you found it. But not only will your home look cooler, it’ll stay cooler too. That’s because adding solar panels to your home can reduce some of the burden on your AC.

A study conducted by the University of California found that the installation of solar panels on your roof can lower its temperature by five degrees Fahrenheit. This is great news in the summer, as it means you’re not running your air conditioner as often, lowering your energy usage. Of course, the benefits don’t stop when the seasons change. In winter, the panels actually serve to hold heat in, which reduces your heating costs.

You’re Limiting the Risk of Electrical Fire

As a new homeowner, you’ve got a lot to think about in terms of how to care for your house. One of the things you have to consider now is the state of your electrical wiring and how safe it is. Fortunately, solar panel installations can significantly reduce the chance of an electrical fire. That’s because these systems are less vulnerable to electrical surges. These findings are backed up by a 2013 study which found that only .006 percent of the 1.3 million solar panel installations in the U.S. caused a fire. Going solar means your home is safe from electric fires and higher utility bill prices.

Your Energy Supply Will Always Meet Your Demand

It’s well known that the peak time periods for energy usage are between 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day. As such, electrical rates are typically higher during these periods in response to the demands placed on local utility providers. But this is also the sunniest part of the day, meaning your solar array is producing all of the energy you need. Typically, your home array will often overproduce power during these hours of the day, which can lead to lower utility rates or even a profit off of the excess energy.

Solar Panel Can Grow With You

Invariably, how you use your home will change over time. You may get married, have kids, or simply expand the house. In any case, you might need more energy than when you first installed your panels. But solar technology is here to meet your needs. It’s fairly easy to expand your array, install a second one, or include a solar battery into your renewable energy system. That means you can produce and store all of the energy you could ever need!

Install Your Solar Array Today

Ready to make a great addition to your new home? Solar panels are a great investment that can save you money in the short-term and earn you more in the long-term. Here at Palmetto, we offer affordable and effective solar technology that readily integrates into your home. Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly utility bill or go off the grid completely, we’ve got the solar technology products you need. Plus, with Palmetto Care, you can easily track your energy production and usage, making it easy to make energy-conscious decisions. Connect with a Palmetto sales consultant today to see how we can help! And don’t forget to read our blog to find out more about how solar panels can save money and the environment!