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“Palmetto’s beginnings trace back to London, where a new approach to clean energy was born. In the beginning, we focused on financing large clean energy projects, ranging from wind to hydroelectric to solar power.” – Chris Kemper Founder, CEO

The Who

We are Palmetto. Our headquarters are in the heart of Charleston, SC. Over the years we have grown to have offices in NC, MD, FL, and NV to name a few with no plans of stopping. We strive to be the world’s largest clean energy and social-impact company. We see a future powered by solar energy. With the same goal in mind, we have equipped ourselves with a team that works hard, dreams big, and loves what we do to become leaders in the push towards a clean energy future.

The Why

In the US, we recognized a need for an approachable, reliable consumer brand to scale the deployment of solar energy across the country. We focused our efforts on building a brand that people trust to bring into their homes and businesses. We believe that accessible clean energy technology is the answer to increasing awareness, educating, and adding clarity to the solar energy process. Our job is to make that process easier by providing the technology, support, and tools our consumers want to gain energy independence, add a positive impact on the environment, and lessen their utility bill.

The What and How

In the beginning, we worked to educate investors and other institutions about the benefits of investing in not only Palmetto but a clean energy future. Along the way, we began to connect homeowners to our Palmetto Home technology and service network, helping them to go solar and track their own system usage and savings, gaining true energy independence.

Today, we focus on providing our customers with clean energy tech, services, and capital allowing the process to be more cost-effective and simplified. We are working hard to bring advanced clean-energy independence by providing intelligent solutions through digital applications that are actionable and accessible to a growing community.  We have also allocated some of our focus in assisting our sales and build partners in their process of working with homeowners to ensure that we set them up for success, making us the one-stop-shop for everything solar.

Next, we are hoping to revamp and streamline our software, technology, communication, and team with the same goal in mind, lead the world towards a clean energy future. Keep an eye out for us, solar is coming.