Do You Need A Solar Monitoring System?

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As a client is setting up their new solar panel installation, they’re likely feeling a little cautious of spending any more money, even if they’ve found a great way to finance their array. But part of being successful in a solar sales career with Palmetto is connecting your clients with products and services that genuinely add to your customer’s lives. A solar monitoring system is a great way to track the performance of an array, ensuring that your client’s get the most of our their solar panels. Let’s explore these handy systems.

An Introduction to Solar Panel Monitoring Systems

Simply put, a solar panel monitoring system measures the productivity and efficiency of a given array over time. The system relies on a software program that tracks the number of kilowatt hours of electricity that the solar array is producing. By keeping tabs on the array, the monitoring system lets you know when everything is working at peak capacity, as well as when the system just isn’t working or is in need of repair. Thanks to the level of detail in the software, most monitoring systems can actually identify which component of the panel or array is faulty or damaged. By using a solar monitoring system, you’re investing in the long-term success of your solar panel installation.

How They Work

Solar monitoring systems are reliant on a specialty software. The monitor itself is linked directly to your array, and then you are sent updates via an app or an online portal. Each update includes the day’s production numbers, as well as comparisons like day-to-day production, or year-to-date. This allows you to see the total production of energy over the life of your array, highlighting any noticeable changes in efficiency. Not only do you get to track your array’s performance, but the monitoring system is often connected to the panel’s manufacturer as well, alerting them if the panel is experiencing any difficulties or malfunctions. This allows the company to contact the owner about any work that needs to be done.

Why Should Clients Use A Monitoring System?

Besides the obvious benefits of letting customers know when there’s an issue with their solar panels, a monitoring system can actually help them save money. By tracking your home and how much energy your panels are producing, and then is subsequently being used, customers can figure out which appliances are using more energy than others. They can also figure out when to use these appliances, or when to unplug them so that they aren’t drawing power during peak hours of energy consumption. By knowing all of this information, you’ll know exactly why your energy bill may have risen or dropped one month. This translates to more energy savings throughout the month.

Which Software is Right for Your Monitoring System?

Surprisingly, there are several options when it comes to choosing a solar monitoring software. Fortunately, we’ve got an easy answer to this tricky question. Palmetto proudly offers Palmetto Home. This is our own in-house monitoring software that not only easily integrates into your client’s solar panel installation but also into their daily life. Palmetto home offers real-time updates to users, sent directly to their phone. The software makes it easy to track energy production, usage, and money saving. Not only that, but the Palmetto Home app offers customers insights into their energy usage, as well as product and service offers that help them get even more out of their solar panel installation.

At Palmetto, we offer a complete suite of solar services and products that make it easy for consumers all over the country to embrace renewable energy. Now, you can help others take advantage of these clean energy technologies by working as a Palmetto solar sales partner. Here at Palmetto, we recognize that there’s a need for more affordable and accessible solar technology. That’s why we work tirelessly to improve our products and services, expanding our reach across the country so that everyone can make use of renewable energy to power their lives. Our team of Alchemists works all over the country, connecting customers with solar panels and monitoring systems that best meet their needs. With great pay, flexible hours, and a passionate and dynamic work culture, there’s no end to the benefits for working with Palmetto. Apply today!