Make The Most Of Your Solar Panels

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When your clients choose to make the investment in a solar panel array, they’re likely motivated in part by the promise of saving money on their utility bills. But for those clients who want to make moves to see both short-term and long-term benefits, they’re interested in ways to optimize their solar energy gains. When selling solar panels as a solar sales partner with Palmetto, you can offer up these handy hints to your customers as a way to make the most of their solar panel installations.

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Make Sure the Panels are Oriented Correctly

The sun may travel in an arc across the sky throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean you can slap solar panels haphazardly on the roof. A 2013 study actually suggests that most people have positioned their solar panels the wrong way. So which way should they be oriented? New studies now argue that panels should face south or west to capture the most solar gain throughout the day.

When oriented correctly, the solar panels will capture more sunlight, creating more electricity, and filling your batteries more quickly. As an added benefit, the more energy you create, the more you can sell back to the power company for a profit, further offsetting the cost of your utility bills!

Line Up Your Chores With Sunny Days

While many will likely want to spend a sunny day outside playing, it’s also the ideal time to do your chores. That’s because your solar panels are harnessing more solar energy when the sun is shining. That means you should run your appliances like laundry machines and dishwashers. While these appliances will draw the same amount of power, the extra energy you collect will offset the energy you expend. Essentially, a sunny day is a great way to “break even” on your energy use.

Let in the (LED) Light

For most homes, one of the largest consumers of energy is the lightbulbs. Traditional light bulbs draw a lot of power to stay on, using only about 10 percent of the energy they consume to actually create light. The other 90 percent of that energy only results in heat. Fortunately, modern LEDs are far more energy efficient. LED bulbs use almost all of the energy they draw to create light, staying far cooler in the process. Quality LED bulbs use about a tenth of the energy of older light bulbs.

While LED bulbs may still be expensive when compared to traditional bulbs, their prices are falling all the time. Plus, the upfront cost you pay is typically recovered in as little as one to two years of use and lowered electricity bills. Finally, LED bulbs generally last much longer than traditional bulbs, meaning you’re stretching your dollar even further.

Clean Energy Requires Clean Panels

The cleanliness of your solar panels correlates to how effective they are. “Soiling” occurs when things like dirt, leaves, and bird poop accumulate on your panels. How your panels soil, and with what materials varies from location to location, but the effects remain the same. It’s not uncommon to see an energy yield loss of around 10 percent. It’s in the homeowner’s best interest to keep their solar panels clean to draw the most solar energy throughout the day.

Make Use of a Monitoring System

Solar panel monitoring systems keep track of your installation’s performance. Think of it as a report card for your array. The software within the system tells you how many kilowatt hours of electricity are being generated by the solar panels. Solar monitoring systems let you keep track of variations in your system’s performance and can even alert you when your array isn’t working at all.

Not only will you save money by being able to predict when you’ll get more solar energy throughout the year, but you’ll also save money because you can react to problems more quickly and have them repaired in a timely manner.

Keep Your Panels Shade-Free

On hot summer days, we all retreat into the shade whenever we can. But your solar panels don’t like the shade one bit. In fact, depending on the model of the panel, if there’s a certain section that is frequently shaded, say, by a light post nearby, it can actually damage the solar cells within the panel. Of course, infrequent shading from things like clouds passing overhead isn’t a cause for concern. To make sure your solar panel installation is working at full-capacity, make sure there aren’t any shadows that can obscure the array for long periods of time throughout the day.

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