Homeowners Love These Solar Benefits

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Perhaps one of the most common questions our solar sales partners get asked is “why should I make the switch to solar?” It’s a fair question, especially for homeowners who have had nothing but reliable service from their old fossil fuel based energy systems. The fact is, there is a litany of benefits and reasons to go solar. With the prices of fossil fuels growing higher all the time, and the costs of solar panel installation dropping, now is the perfect time to go solar. As a leading solar panel company, Palmetto offers up some of the benefits that homeowners love about their solar panel installations.

Solar Power Lets You Take Control of Your Bills

There’s no denying that money is a driving factor for most homeowners. Maintaining a house is an expensive endeavor, so if you can save money in new ways, you’re likely to try and do so. Going solar is one of the best ways you can save money on your monthly bills. With a solar panel installation, you can store all of the solar energy your home needs, and you can even sell any excess back to the solar company. Getting rid of expensive and harmful fossil fuels and relying on your solar panel installation means lower utility bills, and maybe even turning a profit on your investment.

Solar Panel Installations Create Local Jobs

Everyone wants to help their community in any way they can. One of the easiest ways to do so is to invest in solar technology. The increased demand for solar panel arrays on homes means that there is a need for solar installers and contractors, creating new businesses and job openings. There is a need for skilled and unskilled workers to help layout, construct and install new solar panel arrays. Moreover, each installation also creates a long-term need for specialized solar panel maintenance jobs. With the fossil fuel industry creating fewer and fewer jobs, making the switch to the solar industry is ideal for those who used to work with fossil fuels.

Energy is Less Likely to Go to Waste

It’s not uncommon for a leading news story to cover a major oil spill or leak somewhere in the world. Oil pipelines, container ships, and other infrastructure are constantly failing, resulting in incredible loses of fossil fuels and incredible amounts of pollution being released into the environment. Even in the home, fossil fuels are not very efficient, meaning that homeowners aren’t getting their money’s worth. However, channeling the sun’s energy is simple, clean, and renewable. Converting sunlight into electricity in your home means that you’re never wasting any energy. Plus, no one will ever experience a harmful solar spill so long as they wear sunscreen.

It Puts Uninhabited Land to Use

For those who own tracks of land or large properties, solar technology gives purpose to these previously empty spaces. A solar panel array or farm can be installed quickly, allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of solar technology without having to install it on their home directly. With enough solar panels, one open area can even help to power their neighboring communities.

Solar Technology Can Help Lead to Energy Independence

A pressing concern on most Americans mind is the continued geopolitical strife that is fueled in part by the need for fossil fuel resources. The fact is, most Americans rely on a combination of regionally and internationally sourced fossil fuels to meet the energy demands of the United States. Ultimately, this is an unsustainable practice. Fossil fuels are a finite resource, as they do not replenish themselves, and taking these resources from other places has only lead to tension. Renewable energy, however, helps to break that cycle of dependence and violence. Not only does that protect communities all over the world, but it also protects consumers from the constantly fluctuating prices of the fossil fuels market.

Ready to enjoy these benefits and make the switch to solar power? Palmetto can help! We’re committed to offering affordable and accessible solar products and services. Our Palmetto Home service makes it easy to track your energy usage and see your savings in real time. Connect with one of our solar sales partners today to make the switch!