Advancing the future of clean energy technology

At Palmetto, it’s our mission to be the world’s largest clean energy and social-impact company. We’ve built a talented team dedicated to helping people go solar, combining renewable energy with consumer technology to lead the world towards a clean energy future.


In the US, we recognized a need for an approachable, reliable consumer brand to scale the deployment of solar energy across the country. Our expansion has focused on building a brand that people trust to bring into their homes and businesses.

We believe that accessible clean energy technology is the answer to increasing solar use among American homes and businesses. We’re working toward that goal by integrating our new Palmetto Home software with our established local build and sales partners to provide the best solar experience possible.


Our services have changed, but our mission remains the same: Create a future powered by solar energy.

Chris Kemper, Palmetto Founder, Chairman & CEO

Chris Kemper, Palmetto Founder, Chairman & CEO

Palmetto’s roots trace back to London, where a new approach to clean energy was born. In the beginning, we focused on financing large clean energy projects, ranging from wind to hydroelectric to solar power. Back then, we worked to educate investors about the benefits of investing in a clean energy future. Today, we connect homeowners to our Palmetto Home technology and service network, helping them to go solar and track their own system usage and savings—true energy independence.


We’re working for what we believe in


Palmetto is a place where extraordinary people gather to do their best work. Together we create new opportunities for clean energy that people could only have imagined — and now can't imagine living without.


We work hard, dream big, and love what we do.


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We’re leading the charge for solar technology.