Help save solar jobs in South Carolina.

In the wake of the VC Summer nuclear plant fiasco, there has never been a more important time to build a clean energy future and provide choice for homeowners that don't trust the monopoly utility companies any more. Thousands of South Carolina homeowners have chosen to go solar, and over 3,000 people are now employed in renewable energy across the state. Now, utility companies are trying to end net-metering in South Carolina—and you can help us stop them by telling State Representatives to vote YES on HB-4421!

Palmetto installs on the exclusive Goat Island.

Reach out to State Representatives and tell them to save solar!


Let's rally at the State House!

We’re meeting at the statehouse in Columbia on Tuesday, April 3rd, at 11:30AM on the Gervais Street north steps. We need as many solar workers and advocates as possible. Bring your teams, your friends and family to show support and solidarity as this important bill goes to vote. Wear your company logos if you work in the solar industry!

Utility companies have controlled energy in South Carolina for too long.