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rooftop solar, rooftop solar panels will save us billions, Charleston, South Carolina (SC), Columbia, South Carolina (SC), Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

How Rooftop Solar Will Save Billions

March 23, 2017

The US Solar Market will double this year, providing economic benefits for everyone. Rooftop solar panels in particular have skyrocketed, putting solar energy system owners in control of their energy needs and reducing their electricity bill. The economic incentive for consumer-focused solar is great, but it is also important to understand the economic benefit solar adoption…

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Massachusetts Clean Energy Leadership

Massachusetts Stepping Up Clean Energy Leadership

March 17, 2017

When it comes to state-level leadership on clean energy, the huge, sun-drenched, and perennially optimistic “Golden State” of California immediately comes to mind. But the left coast hardly has a monopoly on setting the tempo for the energy revolution. In fact, the pace is getting pushed in a major way by a state that could…

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going solar, advantages of solar power, Charleston, South Carolina (SC), Columbia, South Carolina (SC), Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

The Perks of Going Solar

March 10, 2017

Getting a solar power system has piqued your interest. You have heard that there many benefits of solar energy, and you like benefits. But really, is going solar a smart long–term investment that can reduce your carbon footprint? Absolutely! Let’s break down the top perks of going solar. Reduced Electric Bills Solar power can reduce your…

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Palmetto Solar: solar energy jobs

Employing Solar Energy Masses in Mass

March 1, 2017

Looking for a new and completely enthralling job? In the US, you might have noticed a certain state which prizes anything energy efficient. This place is multiplying solar panel installations, and therefore jobs, as if its whole existence depended on it. Perhaps it does… This state has so arduously filled its realms with solar energy…

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Palmetto Solar: Renewable Energy Sources

The Little Giant of Renewable Energy

February 20, 2017

All those who have a passion for clean energy dream the same dream. They want to see their countries running entirely on clean power sources. In Costa Rica, these energy devotees no longer have to dream. The country has nailed running off renewable energy sources this past year! While the country still uses some fossil…

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Palmetto Solar: Solar Power Tower

The World’s Tallest Solar Power Station

February 19, 2017

In the world of large-scale solar energy projects, concentrated solar power systems (CSP) have quickly climbed in popularity. These systems can mega-produce energy because they utilize a field of mirrors that beam sunlight back into a tower. Such a solar power station is transforming the clean energy movement in Israel, boosting the nation’s sustainable resources…

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Palmetto Solar: Solar PV System

An Academic Solar PV System

February 3, 2017

College campuses across the US are understanding their need to go solar, and the Massachusetts Amherst campus makes no exception. Recently, this college committed to installing solar energy in eight different parts of its 1,400-acre campus. Once completed, Amherst’s solar PV system will enhance the lives of 22,000 undergraduates each year. Of course, UMass Amherst…

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solar transportation, solar heating, Charleston, South Carolina (SC), Columbia, South Carolina (SC), Boston. Massachusetts (MA)

Living in a Solar-Powered World

January 27, 2017

Even if you haven’t switched to solar yet, you probably know that it can be used to power homes and commercial buildings. But did you know you could use this sustainable resource in many other ways too? Without even realizing it, you have been living in an increasingly solar-powered world. Powering your Home Because we…

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pv panels, solar home value, Charleston, South Carolina (SC), Columbia, South Carolina (SC), Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Install Solar Panels

January 25, 2017

Do you wish you could tear your power bill to pieces, putting hundreds of dollars back into your pocket? We understand the feeling. If you install PV panels on your home, you could save tons of money! In fact, if you want to save the maximum dollar amount possible on this investment, you should act…

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The Hard Proof of Solar’s Price Drop

January 16, 2017

For decades, the mantra against solar offered by so many coal-supporters have almost always gone back to cost. “Solar just can’t beat cheap fossil fuels,” they say. We’ve got news for them: it has. Even when solar energy systems did cost more, they spiked interest in environmentally-conscious minds. Backed by these friends, solar energy has…

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pv panels and photovoltaic panels, Charleston, South Carolina (SC), Columbia, South Carolina (SC), Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

Over 60 Years of Solar’s Best Moments

January 12, 2017

Over the past 60 years, solar energy has been transforming the world one photovoltaic panel at a time. From the first solar cell created in 1954, inventors and designers have worked for higher efficiency and a broader reach, aiming for a clean, safe environment. And after decades of solar going strong, many of those designers…

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Palmetto Solar: Solar Energy Generation

How Solar Energy Generation Shined in 2016

January 11, 2017

Solar energy—this sustainable resource provides clean power, offering an alternative to tainted fossil fuels. It restores balance and health to the environment all while gifting its recipients with reliable electricity. Ever increasing in popularity, we loved seeing solar energy generation bloom this past year in the United States. In 2016, solar energy managed a record…

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Palmetto Solar: Solar Panel Road

Small Steps to a Solar Panel Road

January 10, 2017

As solar technology advances at every bat of an eye, it’s no surprise that engineers are thinking outside the rooftop solar box. Actually, they’re developing a way to use solar energy below our very feet—with a solar panel road! Engineering company Colas picked tiny Tourouvre-au-Perche in Normandy for this pioneer project, and French Ecology Minister…

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Palmetto Solar: Solar Panel Cost

Solar Panel Costs Give Coal a Run for its Money

January 5, 2017

Many people worldwide are groaning at fossil fuels’ new price peak. On the other hand, those with solar are unwinding carefree in their solar-powered homes, yawning at the leveling price gap between solar and coal. Actually, solar panel costs are giving coal a run for its money in many countries. For instance, China has stepped…

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Palmetto Solar: Solar PV

Solar PV Can Generate More Energy Than Oil

December 30, 2016

If you’ve recently installed solar panels on your own home or business, you see firsthand all the payoff they give you. But even though you sing solar’s praises and show its benefits, you probably still meet a few skeptics out there. According to the skeptic’s research, solar PV does hand out glory checks and environmental…

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