Palmetto History



"Palmetto's roots trace back to London, England where the idea for a new approach to clean energy was born. In those days, we were focused on financing large clean energy projects - ranging from wind  to hydroelectric to solar power.  Then, the idea was to educate investors about the benefits of investing in a clean energy future. In those days, investment was sparse and costly.  Thanks to a better educated investment community, the capital costs reduced for projects. But, as a result, projects (now) became sparse.  We exited that business model and restarted in the United States - but this time, seeing that the real value was to help educate homeowners about the benefit of a clean energy future (versus investors).  In doing so, we've brought a fresh approach to educating homeowners.  Today, we utilize technology to enable the scalable deployment of clean technology products and related services to consumers across the United States.  In time, we expect to return to our global roots.  But, one step at a time."  -  C. Kemper, CEO & Founder