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Peace of Mind Protection Plan

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Who says you can’t put a price on a peace of mind?

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  • Dedicated Customer Representatives
  • Dedicated Virtual Service
  • SupportPreventative Maintenance
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Discounts & Service

After one system cleaning — your protection plan has paid for itself!

Services Price Discount
Pest Abatement $840* $200 off service
Removal & Re-install $4,950* $500 off service
Panel Cleaning Service $320* $75 off service
Tesla Powerwall $12,995* $500 off service
Consumption Meter $1,100* $200 off service
Roofing Service $10,000* $500 off service

*Average Cost for service type. Prices per square foot can vary based on location, condition, improvements, updates, lot sizes, and whether it’s a one-story or multi-level home, among other factors.

Services Benefits
Service Now Guarantee One time payment of $50 for services not completed within 1 week
Customer Support & Virtual Service Support Dedicated Representatives & Remote Troubleshooting
Active Performance Monitoring Proactive, Real-time Monitoring

Energy Backup and Off-Grid Solutions

I Want Peace of Mind!

Peace of Mind Protection Plan FAQ

A: Immediately!  Active monitoring and service plan benefits are only applicable to systems that have been installed and energized, but additional product discount eligibility begins the day the plan goes in service.

A: Unfortunately contractors must be licensed and Palmetto approved.

A:  Please email to request service or to request more information about additionally discounted products or services as detailed in your agreement.

As long as the repairs are covered under the terms of your agreement, you’re covered indefinitely!  Palmetto will of course try to remedy all existing system concerns while onsite.  System issues not covered under the terms of the agreement can also be addressed, but may need a new service order signed with additional terms and conditions.

A: It may, Palmetto Peace of Mind guarantees proactive outreach in the event of underproduction or system performance concerns, as well as cohesive management of warranty issues.  This program also offers additional discounts for maintenance services that may be required throughout the life of your system.

A: Palmetto representatives will keep you informed through from point of service request until completion of service call.

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