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Tesla Powerwall
Powered by Palmetto

Powerwall allows you to store your excess electricity during the day rather than sending it to the grid. Then, you can use that energy in the evening to power your home when solar is no longer producing.

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The recommendation of Powerwalls to power your home is based on it being coupled with Solar.

We can recommend the number of Powerwalls you need to ensure at least 24 hours of power during a utility grid outage without solar.

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Tesla recommends 2 Powerwalls.


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Why Powerwall by Palmetto

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Touch Safe

Child and pet-friendly with no exposed wires or hot vents.

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Floor or Wall Mounted

Installs easily on the wall, or stack up to 10 Powerwalls together on the floor.

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Water-resistant and dust-proof for indoor or outdoor installation.

Palmetto Solar Energy Consultaion

Powerwall detects grid outages and will automatically become your home energy source. Congratulations! Your home just became the block party!

Monitor Energy Consumption

Child and pet friendly with no exposed wires or hot vents.

Customizing your Powerwall

Installs easily on the wall, or stack up to ten Powerwalls together on the floor.

Reserve for power outages

Water-resistant and dustproof for indoor or outdoor installation.

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Powerwall FAQ

A: Backup Power

Powerwall provides homeowners with reliable backup power. In the event of an electrical grid outage, the Powerwall(s) will instantly begin delivering power to your home. Whether they are able to power your entire home or only selected circuits will depend on your home’s unique usage and the appliances you’d like backed up. This can be determined during the survey process with Palmetto. Read More



Self-Powered or Self-Consumption mode allows the customer to use more of the solar energy produced on their roof to power their home. This mode primarily reinforces customer ambitions to be less reliant on grid power, thus reducing their carbon footprint, being more energy independent, and can effectively double the amount of solar power actually consumed on site rather than exported. Read More


Home Energy Monitoring

Home Energy Monitoring app allows the customer to see the real-time power flow for all their systems. In a single screen they will be able to view real-time generation from their solar system, if power is being stored or discharged from the Powerwall, what’s being consumed by their home, and what’s being imported or exported to the electrical grid. Read More


Time-Based Control or “Time Of Use (TOU) Load Shifting”

Will not be offered in Phase 1 of Palmetto’s Powerwall launch. Commercialization Team is researching how to model TOU monetary benefits in certain utility territories for future availability.

A: Yes. The Powerwall will immediately detect the outage and instantaneously (within 5ms) begin powering your backed up circuits.

A: That depends on three primary factors:

  1. How many Powerwalls are installed will determine how long you’ll be able to power your home.
  2. How many circuits and what type of appliances you use during the outage. Using energy-intensive appliances like air conditioners, an electric heater, or pool pump during an outage will accelerate the depletion of the stored energy. Lowering energy use to just basic critical loads like lights, refrigerator, and power electronics during an outage will extend the time your Powerwall can provide power.
  3. If you have solar power on-site, you can recharge your Powerwall via the solar energy as needed. All this can be controlled and monitored via the App.

A: The Powerwall is 45” tall, 29” wide, and just shy of 6” deep. It weighs 251 pounds. It can be wall-mounted or installed standalone.

A: Yes. The Tesla Powerwall is warrantied for 10 years and 10,000 cycles. You will receive all installation and warranty information.