We pair environmental impact with financial opportunity to advance the future of clean energy while providing noteworthy returns. We do this through two avenues: technology and Palmetto capital — offering you plenty of options to be a part of our incredible growth in this accelerating market.


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Palmetto Investment Opportunities

Clean Technology
We offer customers technology to easily understand energy consumption information and analytics. We also provide recommendations for future products and services which will enable our customers to save more money.


Palmetto Capital
We offer a wide range of financing solutions, including $0 down and low interest rates. We are also expanding our offering to include lease financing products to enable more customers to save with clean technology solutions.

Why Palmetto?

Home energy market is a trillion dollar market in the U.S. alone, and we’ve financed over $1 billion in clean energy deals globally within the first 2 years of business.

Palmetto is positioned for growth with a team of 300+ and expansion into 4 new markets within the past year. We plan to expand across 30 metropolitan markets next year and into international markets by 2020.

Internal financing division provides an array of options and flexibility in the purchase process, and our patent-pending hardware and firmware products enable us to gather data and provide prescriptive solutions.

Unique distribution model provides for a broad network while still maintaining quality control, and we’re set to build $10 billion in clean energy projects by 2020.

Existing and targeted partnerships with LG, Google, Amazon and (many) others enable integration into a variety of home products.

Cutting edge energy consumption software product development set to formally launch January 2018.