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Why Your Clients Shouldn't Install Their Own Solar Panels

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Solar panels are a major investment for any homeowner. They deliver the promise of energy independence, environmentally responsibility, and lower utility bills. However, even after the various rebates and tax credits, some homeowners might blanch at the cost of solar panel installation. To save some money, they might want to install the panels themselves. When working in a solar sales position, you might come across clients like these. It’s critical that you explain to them why they shouldn’t attempt to install solar panels on their own, and instead work with the installation teams from Palmetto. Here are some reasons why your clients shouldn’t install their own solar panels.

The Materials Are More Expensive

If a client’s first reaction to your quote and proposal is to raise their eyebrows in surprise, don’t panic. Instead, explain to them that these costs are significantly higher if they were to look into buying the materials and install the panels on their own. Palmetto offers top-quality solar panel technology, something our competitors cannot say, but they will charge the same prices for lesser materials. Similarly, these materials often are not as durable as our’s are, meaning that client who installs their own solar panels may have to replace them far sooner than they’d like. Essentially, they’ll buy the same set of solar panels twice.

It’s Not Always Easy to Figure Out Where to Put Your Panels

As a solar sales partner, you’ll know all the tips and tricks to figure out where a solar panel installation would work best on a home. But your clients likely do not have this knowledge. Every home has its own architectural nuances, and while general knowledge like “south-facing roofs get the most sun” might set your client on the right path, the shape and size of their roof might not make a solar panel there very effective. When you work with the installation team at Palmetto, your client’s can rest easy knowing that their panels will be placed correctly. If they place them incorrectly on their own, your client will have to pay a contractor to have redone anyway.

Electric Work Requires Special Training

While solar technology is getting easier to use every day, we haven’t quite reached the “plug and play” status that we’d all like. Installing solar panels is a complicated process that requires some advanced electrical training. When solar panels are installed, it also involves putting in new wiring for each panel and tying it into the home’s electrical system. This process can be risky for unskilled homeowners. For instance, failing to cut the power to the home before wiring in the solar panels can result in electrocution. If the panels are not installed correctly, the first time they are powered up could lead to a power surge in the home. Power surges lead to complications like blown inverters or even electrical fires. Unless your client has an extensive background in electrical work, it’s best that they work with the installation teams at Palmetto.

DIY Installations Aren’t Backed By A Warranty

If your client insists on buying their own solar panels and installing them on their own, remind them that they will not have the benefit of a warranty. Installing your own solar panels can actually void any existing warranties in some cases. When your clients elect to work with the professional installation teams at Palmetto, they will ensure that the parts and materials will be within the warranty. Additionally, the labor will likely be warrantied as well.

Your Clients May Miss Out On Tax Credits

While tax credits make solar panel installations more affordable, not everyone is aware of them. Your client could risk missing out on these valuable rebates if they elect to install their own solar panels.  As a solar sales partner, you’ll have a detailed familiarity with these incentives, at the Federal and state level, and connect your clients with them. Ultimately, this helps your clients to save money, even if the initial costs may seem like a lot to them.

As a solar sales partner with Palmetto, it’s your job to empower your clients with the knowledge and materials they need to make the change to solar power. If you’re excited by the prospect of helping others join the solar energy revolution, then we have a job for you. Palmetto is hiring new Alchemists, our team of dedicated solar sales partners. You’ll enjoy flexible work hours, competitive pay, and a job culture that is committed to helping the world gain access to affordable and effective solar technology. Find out more today by contacting us, and then get started on your application!

What Traits You Need To Succeed In Solar Sales

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With the solar energy sector ever expanding, there’s never been a better time to make a career change. One of the best parts about the solar energy field is that there are opportunities for everyone, allowing people to capitalize on their background and previous experience. For those looking to begin a lasting and fulfilling career in the solar industry, solar sales is a great place to get started. If you’re looking to make a switch into this field and are brushing up your resume, keep these traits in mind while applying for careers in solar sales.

Education and Training

While there’s no particular course of study for solar sales, having some coursework in business or marketing is a boon for your application. Currently, the industry is hiring individuals with some college experience or a bachelors in a related field. Sales training is always a plus in this field, as are courses in public speaking and management. These are sure to help you when working with customers. Similar to training and coursework in business, classes and training in the education field, as well as science, technology, and math can help you communicate the value of these products to your clients. For those looking to add a competitive edge to their resumes, being a Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative or a Certified Sales Professional can help with your sales, as you’ll be familiar with the components and technology of the solar technology you’re selling.


As with any sales and customer service job, having previous experience in that field is going to be invaluable when pursuing a career in solar sales. Sales and marketing experience, in particular, is of interest to employers. They’re looking for candidates who know the principles and methods for showing, demonstrating, and promoting products and services. Sales techniques and strategies, along with a familiarity with sales platforms and portals can be immediately applied to your new solar sales job.

Similarly, those with a background in technical design and engineering are also in high demand. Having the ability to describe how solar technology works and how it can be applied to a home or business is a vital part of a solar sales partner’s job. If they can explain that in an accessible and clear manner, it helps to build confidence in the product and close sales.

Communication skills are always important in any sales position. Being able to speak and write proficiently will help you connect with clients and sell them the products they need. That said, as the United States continues to diversify, fluency in more than one language will help you stand out and afford you sales opportunities that your coworkers will not be able to take advantage of.

Skills and Characteristics

Often, when our solar sales partners find success in making sales, they attribute it to the skills they have developed in their position. These skills include:

  • Speaking: Being able to speak with clarity and confidence helps to sell products and build a relationship between you and the customer.

  • Listening: Clients will tell you everything you need to know to competently make a sale if you take the time to listen to their pain points and needs. Active listening also includes asking clarifying questions and mirroring key ideas and emotions back to the client to ensure understanding.

  • A Focus on Customer Service: The best solar sales partners genuinely want to help their clients reach their goals and improve their quality of life. Fortunately, this is an easy skill to develop when working in the solar energy field, as even just one solar panel can make a difference.

  • Critical Thinking: When it comes to selling solar technology, there is no “one size fits all” package or approach. The array that works for one homeowner likely won’t work for their neighbor. Thinking through options and alternatives and coming to solutions quickly is a crucial part of a job in solar sales.

Developing and polishing these skills can help you succeed in solar sales. Similarly, having the right attitude and personal characteristics can also help. Individuals who take the initiative on working with clients and creating connections are quickly rewarded for their efforts. At the same time, you also need to be ready to work with your fellow sales partners and support team members. Becoming a dependable part of these teams ensures that everyone works harder and sees the returns on their work.

Get Started In Solar Sales Today

Palmetto is leading the charge in solar technology. We’re helping businesses and homes across the country embrace solar energy and helping to improve the environment at the same time. We’re looking for motivated and passionate people to help us do it. Apply today and become a solar sales partner and join our team of Alchemists!

Tips for Getting Started In The Solar Energy Field

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With the constant fluctuations in fossil fuel prices, the growing evidence of the effects of climate change, and widespread interest in embracing green technologies and power, there’s never been a better time than now to get involved in the solar energy industry. This burgeoning field is hiring people across the country and the world. But for those looking to break into this expanding industry, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, Palmetto is looking to hire a new generation of solar salespersons, so we’re outlining some tips for getting started in the solar energy field.

Start Learning About How Solar Technology Works

While the concept might be fairly simple, the execution is anything but. Solar panels, the installation process, and even the costs behind it all, each have their own knowledge sets. If you’re looking into a solar sales career, you’ll want to be familiar with all of these processes, and even take it one step further and familiarize yourself with your local solar requirements and incentives. With the field expanding so quickly, much of it is changing, so it’s important to have a strong grasp of the basics. Not only will this help you in your future career, but having background knowledge in these areas will be a great asset during your interview.

Don’t Be Afraid To Move To Where The Jobs Are

While solar panels can be installed and utilized nearly anywhere in the world, there are certain areas of the country where the industry is booming. The American Southwest, in particular, is experiencing amazing growth in the use of solar technologies, and we here at Palmetto have started taking on more and more projects in states like Florida and South Carolina, along with other states like Illinois, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Realistically, you might find job listings for solar sales careers all over the country, but you might have a better time getting hired if you pursue opportunities in booming states.

Start Networking

There’s an old saying that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” There is a certain element of truth to this when it comes to finding employment. While the solar energy field is expanding, it’s still a fairly tight-knit community. Meet with a local solar panel company in your area and conduct a few informational interviews. Not only will you learn more about the field and the work, but you’ll also make a few contacts at that business. While they might not be hiring, they might know of another solar panel company that is.

Keep Trying

Like breaking into any career field, moving into a solar sales career can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean you should get discouraged. With the industry expanding the way it is, it means that there are more and more opportunities for work. Palmetto is excited to hire new solar sales positions, training our candidates to become Palmetto Alchemists. Start your new career in solar sales and join one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Apply for a career with Palmetto today.

The Benefits Of Working A Solar Sales Job

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When you’re searching for a new job, there’s a whole litany of things you’re looking for. Location, work culture, pay, and of course, benefits. Benefits can make or break a job. While any job can offer you a dental plan and paid time off, a career in solar sales comes with some pretty unique benefits. Here are some of the great benefits that the solar sales partners at Palmetto enjoy.

A Career in the Solar Industry is Safe

It seems like every day we hear about oil pipelines breaking or engineers and workers being harmed on oil derricks. The fossil fuel sector is rife with danger, for individuals and the environment. The solar energy sector, however, is safe as can be. There will never be a news headline about a deadly solar spill that pollutes a water supply, and the chance of hurting yourself while installing a solar panel array is very low. Indeed, using sunscreen and staying hydrated are the best ways to mitigate any harm that you could be exposed to while working in the solar energy sector.

Solar Energy Helps to Improve Human Health

Unlike traditional energy and fuel sources, solar energy releases no harmful byproducts into the air. That means that those with respiratory health concerns, like asthma, don’t experience any aggravated symptoms. There are estimates that the United States could save billions every year if they were to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy instead. One estimate suggests that nearly $167 billion could be saved in health and environmental damages if the country were to adopt solar energy technology on a wide scale. As an added benefit, solar energy helps us to preserve the environment, which helps our mental health. Research suggests that spending time outside is good for our mental health and can alleviate symptoms of depressions, loneliness, and anxiety.

Solar Energy Aids in National Defense

The United States is a major consumer of fossil fuels, often using more than it produces. This forces the U.S. to purchase oil from other nations. The fossil fuel industry can destabilize these oil-producing regions, causing violence on a global level. By switching to solar energy, the U.S. is no longer sending billions of dollars to nations and states that may use some of that money to back terrorist organizations. Ultimately, solar energy helps us to reduce our dependency on these nations, ensuring they do not have the financial resources to support radical groups that mean the U.S. harm.

Solar Energy can Save Water

Most estimates agree that solar energy consumes less water than the fossil fuel industry. Burning coal or using water in a hydroelectric plant can consume hundreds of thousands of gallons a day. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy suggests that solar could reduce water usage in 36 different states, enough to hydrate 1.3 million homes. This is of great value, especially to the Western U.S. which has been plagued by droughts for years.

Solar is a Financial Boon

Whether you work in solar sales or live in a community that has embraced solar technology, you’ll experience the financial benefits. The solar industry is creating thousands of jobs all across the country. Some estimate that the industry has created more than 200,000 jobs. Typically, sales in the solar energy sector, and in solar sales, in particular, are roughly 10 percent higher than those in similar industries. Having a background in solar technology can help you achieve a new sense of financial freedom. Solar energy can also help homeowners save money on their utility bills. The addition of solar panels also raises the property values of a home, and with the cost of solar technology dropping every year, it’s increasingly becoming more feasible for homeowners to add solar panel installations to their homes. Finally, solar technology helps bring electricity to communities that may not have had access to it in the past. This opens up new economic opportunities that can lift entire communities out of poverty.

Solar Technology Helps to Combat Climate Change

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working the solar energy sector is the knowledge that you’re helping the environment by halting the causes of climate change. Every solar panel installation that goes up helps to eliminate the number of fossil fuels needed to power our lives. This reduces the number of harmful greenhouse gases released into the earth’s atmosphere. With no harmful byproducts, solar panels reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making the world a more comfortable and safe place to live.

The benefits of working in solar sales extend from financial to cultural to environmental and everything in between. If you’re ready for a new career in solar sales then Palmetto is excited to announce that we are hiring new solar sales partners to join our team of Alchemists. With flexible work hours and competitive pay rates, you can help your local community and yourself by offering them cost-saving solar technology. Get started by sending in an application today!

5 Reasons Your Clients Should Go Solar

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Solar energy is becoming increasingly more popular among home and business owners all over the country. For those in the know, going solar is an obvious choice. But when working in solar sales, it’s likely that you’ll have clients who do not know much about solar energy or are loathe to change their old ways. That’s why it’s important to have a catalog of good reasons and ideas that can help to convince your clients that going solar is to their benefit. Since Palmetto is hiring a new group of solar sales partners, we thought we’d offer up five compelling reasons that your clients should go solar.

A Solar Panel Installation can Improve Your Homes Value

The fact of the matter is that any potential client is interested in how your products and services address their problems and add value to their lives. Solar technology directly speaks to both of these issues, especially when you frame it around the value it adds to a home. The Department of Energy partnered with Berkley Labs for two studies that involved real estate values and solar panel installations. The studies found that on average, home buyers are willing to pay a premium of an additional $15,000 above asking price for a home that has a solar panel array on it. The National Renewable Energy Lab has also found that homes with solar panel installations tend to sell more quickly than those without them. For those looking for both short- and long-term financial gain, a solar panel array is a great addition to your home.

You Get Great Tax Rebates

One of the best reasons to embrace solar technology is that the costs of doing so are constantly falling. This is in part due to the immense tax rebates and incentives that both Federal and state governments now offer. The Federal government now offers a personal tax credit that rebates up to 30 percent of the costs associated with installing solar panels on your home. Additionally, individual states also offer clean energy tax credits that help to lower the costs of installation. After taking advantage of these tax credits, what looks like a costly investment into your home actually becomes quite reasonable. You’ll start to actually make money off of your solar panel system fairly quickly if you take advantage of these great rebates.

Solar Energy Creates Local Jobs

Chances are if a client is considering investing in solar technology, they’re also concerned about issues like the local economy. Fortunately, investing in solar energy helps to create jobs in your community. For every solar panel installation sold, it creates demand for both skilled and unskilled workers who are ready to bring their talents into a dynamic new field. The money your clients spend to go solar stays in their community, meaning that every dollar they spend helps the environment and their neighbors.

Solar Technology is Resilient

Maintaining a roof can be a costly endeavor, especially if your clients live in areas that are prone to hail and high winds. In these areas, replacing a roof can be a regular occurrence. Often, client’s are surprised to find out just how durable solar panels really area. It’s not uncommon for a home to make use of the same solar panel array for more than 30 years without the need for repairs or replacement. Solar panel installations require little-to-no maintenance and there are few upgrades. Solar technology is worry and stress-free that requires little thought to enjoy.

Going Solar can Help Save the Environment

This is probably the most obvious reason, but also one of the most compelling. Going solar is a great way for your clients to help stem the effects of climate change. By using solar technology, your clients can help to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants that are released into the environment. Traditional energy sources, like coal, gas, and oil, all release harmful byproducts that accelerate the effects of climate change. Solar panels, conversely, have no harmful byproducts. The sun offers clean, free, and renewable energy that is easy to convert and put to use in our homes.

You can use all of these reasons when you’re making a sale to a potential solar client. Often, using one or more of these reasons are enough to convince a client to adopt solar technology. If you’re excited about the prospect of working in the solar energy sector and are looking for a dynamic career in sales, Palmetto has the perfect job for you. We’re hiring new solar sales partners to join our team of Alchemists. With sales opportunities all over the country, as well as competitive pay rates, and a flexible work schedule, becoming a solar sales partner is a great way to help others while also helping the environment. Fill out an application today to get started!

The 6 Best Reasons To Become A Palmetto Alchemist

The 6 Best Reasons To Become A Palmetto Alchemist.jpg

If you’ve kept track of our blog at all, you’ll know that we think pretty highly of the solar energy sector. It offers a host of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else, and you’re helping to save the environment when you work a solar energy job. While we’ve outlined how you can get a solar sales career, the traits you need to succeed, and the reasons you should pursue a solar sales career, we haven’t done much to explain why we think you should join Palmetto as a solar sales partner. To rectify that, today Palmetto offers up the six best reasons to become a part of the Palmetto Alchemist sales team.

#1: Competitive Pay Rates

Look, we’ll cut right to the chase. We’re excited to work with people who are just as passionate about solar energy as we are. We want to reward those who work hard to help us achieve our mission of making solar technology accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer very competitive pay rates. Don’t believe us? In 2017, Palmetto’s leading Alchemist made $250,000 for their efforts. We’re ready to build out our Alchemist sales teams, so we’re offering great signing bonuses to incentivize you to get started today.

#2: Work When You Want To

It seems like life is always getting more and more busy and that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you’re looking for a rewarding job that works with your schedule, not dictates it, working with Palmetto as a solar sales partner is just for you. You can work as much or as little as you like, whenever you like. That means that if you’re one to burn the midnight oil, you’re welcome too. Or if you’re an ardent believer that the early bird gets the worm, we want you to get up as early as you want. Flexibility translates to productivity, and when you can work when you’re most productive, you’ll make more sales and help more people go solar.

#3: You Can Work Anywhere In The Country

Even if you’ve got a cursory knowledge of geography, you’ll understand that some parts of the United States get more sun than others. But that doesn’t mean that the demand for solar energy technology is limited to just a few places in the U.S. Palmetto makes major sales to the entire country. Some of our most successful solar sales partners operate out of Florida, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Nevada, Illinois, and Massachusetts. The fact is, as the technology improves its effectiveness, and perhaps more importantly, becomes more affordable, people will flock to embrace it. No matter where you are, you can make a great living working in solar sales.

#4: Our Products Are Rolling Out Nationwide

Of course, we wouldn’t offer flexible work hours and locations if we weren’t able to back it up with our impressive array of products. Palmetto is constantly expanding its distribution network, meaning that you’ll find our products and services in homes all across the country.

#5: Do Good Feel Good

One of the biggest perks of working in the solar energy sector is the knowledge that your work is making a difference. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and effective. By connecting more homeowners with the solar technology they need, they’re reducing their dependence on harmful fossil fuels, which accelerate the pace of climate change. With no harmful byproducts, solar panels are easy to produce, simple to install, and benefit homeowners immensely. When you work with Palmetto, you’re helping to make the world a better place, one solar panel at a time.

#6: We’re A Values-Driven Company

Of course, none of this would even matter if we didn’t truly believe in our mission and our values. At its core, Palmetto strives to be the world’s largest clean energy and social-impact company. It’s why we hire talented and passionate people and why we blend advanced technology with renewable energy. We recognize that there’s a high demand for affordable, reliable solar energy technology, and we're doing our best to meet that demand. We want to create a brighter future, one powered by solar energy.

Become A Leader In Renewable Energy

If you read through these reasons and are just as inspired by our mission and values as we are, then we want you on our team. Palmetto is hiring new solar sales partners right now. Our group of Alchemists works all over the country, selling our products and services, and make solar technology accessible for everyone. Get started today by filling out an application, or contact us to find out more.