These Smart Home Products Stretch Your Solar Power Even Further

These Smart Home Products Stretch Your Solar Power Even Further.jpg

No matter your lifestyle, expenses, or career path, we’re all looking for ways to save money. This is especially true for your solar energy clients. In your solar sales career, you’ll likely work with clients who are interested in saving as much money as they possibly can.

Starting with a solar panel installation is a great way to start that process. But homeowners can quickly compound on their energy savings by embracing smart home technology and devices. If your clients are looking for ways to integrate energy-saving devices and products into their home, consider offering these ideas to them.

Should Your Clients Make Use of Smart Home Products?

When you’re first making a sale for a solar panel installation, your clients might wonder why they would need anything beyond the panels themselves. And it’s a fair line of thought. After all, investing in a solar panel array can be an expensive endeavor, and some might blanch at the idea of spending even more money on new products and devices, especially when their existing appliances and fixtures are working just fine.

While these appliances and fixtures might work alright, they could be costing your client more than they first realize, and their impact on their monthly utility bill is likely higher than many think. Smart home products, however, can be completely integrated into your renewable energy systems, automating many of the tasks that your clients might do by themselves every day. The result is lessened energy usage which, of course, leads to more savings! But smart devices go beyond simple speaker setups and TVs. Here are some popular smart home products that can help your solar clients save money every month.

An Electric Lawn Mower

When a client decides to go green, they can save even more green by making smart choices about how they cut their green grass. Electric lawn mowers are quickly becoming a staple in many garages across the United States. They’re a great alternative to gas-powered mowers, which produce an estimated 800-million gallons of burned fossil fuels annually. These emissions can impact the microclimate around your home, as well as the environment around the world.

Conversely, electric lawn mowers produce no by-products or harmful emissions. Plus, they use less energy, and are less expensive to power and maintain. When you use a solar panel system to power your home, you can also power your lawn mower with the same system.

As an added benefit, electric lawn mowers are seen as more reliable, quieter, and lighter. This makes them easier to use for those with smaller lawns, who struggle to manhandle heavy gas mowers, or those are simply interested in ditching their gas guzzling mower.

Smart Home Sensors

Much like our Palmetto Home software and monitoring system, smart home sensors help to track your energy use habits in your home. These sensors connect directly to your utilities, allowing you to track your water, gas, and electricity usage. Some sensors even allow you to connect to monitors like smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.

By tracking your energy usage through your smart home sensors, your customers will be able to identify areas where they can improve their energy usage or make changes. By limiting their consumption, they’ll save more money each month. Further, by monitoring the performance of your utilities, your clients can predict when their appliances are in need of repairs or should be replaced entirely. For instance, if the sensors pick up on a change in water pressure, the system alerts the homeowner, allowing them to make a call to a repair service.

Electric Vehicle-Charging Stations

Thanks to aggressive tax incentives, dropping prices, and increased availability, it’s now more practical than ever to own an electric vehicle. Indeed, in your solar sales job, you might find that your clients already have an electric vehicle parked in their garage.

When used in conjunction with a charging station, solar panels can easily charge an electric vehicle overnight. An in-home charging station allows your clients the convenience of always having a charged car, and the peace of mind knowing they can make their commute without having to find a charging station along the way.

Plus, electric vehicles are an incredible way to reduce fossil fuel consumption and limit the amount of harmful CO2 emissions in the environment.

In-Home Energy Monitors

Not unlike the energy sensors mentioned above, home energy monitors make it easy for homeowners to quickly measure their electrical usage. These monitors are connected right to your client’s electric meter. These monitors provide real-time updates on your electricity usage, and some even offer insights into how you can save energy from month-to-month.

Your clients are likely already energy conscious, and a home energy monitor lets them be even more aware of their usage. By identifying which appliances or fixtures are using the most energy every month, homeowners can make decisions to repair or replace these items with more energy-efficient alternatives.

Green Fixtures and Appliances

Your clients are undoubtedly excited about the prospect of having a brand new solar panel installation on their home. But they likely don’t understand the strain that their old appliances and fixtures can place on this new system. Remarkably, even products as simple as power strips and light bulbs can have a measured effect on their energy bills every month.

Remind them to invest in newer, more efficient models when they get their solar array. While these products may cost extra upfront, the long-term savings ensure that these products quickly pay for themselves. These products typically last longer than their traditional counterparts, meaning your clients won’t have to replace them as often, resulting in added short-term savings.

Encourage your clients to inspect small goods like light bulbs, and replace them with green LED bulbs. They’re brighter, last longer, and in some cases, can plug into your some home systems, allowing you to control what color light the bulb produces. Additionally, have them look at their power strips. Older power strips account for an estimated 10 percent of a home’s average energy use. To reduce the “vampire load” on your energy system, your clients should use advanced power strips that cut off energy to appliances that aren’t actively being used.

Help Others Embrace Clean Technology

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