4 Environmental Advantages of Solar Energy

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When working a solar sales career, you’re likely to have leads who already understand the benefits and advantages of solar power. But other clients might not be aware of them as much, or they might understand how it lessens their utility bill, but not their carbon footprint. In these circumstances, it’s important to be able to explain why solar energy is a good choice for the environment. Join Palmetto as we look into four ways solar energy helps the environment.

#1: Solar Panels Limit Air Pollution

The quality of outdoor air is increasingly becoming a source of concern for groups like the EPA. Traditional energy sources like fossil fuels and coal have put harmful chemicals and toxins into the air. This has compromised human health all over the United States and the globe. Indeed, poor outdoor air quality is connected to health concerns like heart attacks, asthma, and bronchitis, and can even diminish the natural environment as well by producing acid rain and affecting the growth of crops.

By using solar panels, we’re reducing the need to use these harmful chemicals and energy sources. Solar energy results in no greenhouse gas emissions of any kind, and that’s having a pronounced effect on the quality of outdoor air. It’s estimated that the current number of solar panel arrays in the US alone are helping to offset as much as 16.8 million metric tons of CO2 annually. These solar panels are playing a huge role in further limiting the effects of climate change.

#2: Solar Panels Limit Harmful Waste

More than just the 1.9 billion tons of CO2 they put into the air every year, traditional energy sources also create nearly 120 million tons of toxic byproducts every year. This waste is haphazardly dumped in places like landfills, old mines, and even our rivers, ponds, and lakes. Within this waste are harmful metals that can lead to serious health complications.

Solar energy, on the other hand, doesn’t create any toxic waste. A self-contained process, a solar panel simply harnesses the sun’s energy and converts it into useful electricity. There’s nothing being burned and no byproducts of any kind. In fact, any excess electricity that’s produced can be put to good use by being sold back to your local power company.


#3: Solar Panels Limit Water Pollution

Manufacturing has always required water to help in producing its products and materials. Water is used in factories to cool down their systems and machinery or to finish and treat their products. But once the work is done, this water is practically unusable and is often redirected into nearby water sources, where the chemicals and metals used in manufacturing are allowed to leach into the soils of rivers, lakes, and streams.

Conversely, the technology behind solar panels ensures that an array requires no cooling of any kind. This means that there isn’t a need for water and no subsequent contamination. This frees up clean water supplies for use in other vital sectors, like agriculture, drinking water, and more.

#4: Solar Panels Limit the Need for Finite Resources

According to some studies and reports, the world’s supply of fossil fuel resources may only last another 50 or so years. Natural gas is an extremely finite resource, as they are non-renewable. As these resources become ever more scarce, the costs associated with extracting them and refining them become higher and higher, and those expenses are passed on to consumers. These costs cause economic uncertainty and hardship in communities across the world, and competition for these resources creates instability and violence.

In contrast, solar energy is renewable and nearly infinite. The sun produces a staggering 173,000 terawatts of solar energy every second, nearly 10,000 times more than the world’s total energy use. Solar energy then is cheap, accessible, and safe for everyone to use.

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