5 Great Reasons To Switch To Solar

In our last blog, Palmetto outlined some of the benefits that homeowners love about switching to solar. So to follow up on those ideas, we thought we’d outline 5 great reasons to switch to solar. If you’re already set to make the switch, just contact a solar sales partner with Palmetto today. If you need some more convincing, read on!

Solar Energy Helps You Become a Community Leader

One of the great parts about embracing solar technology is that it’s obvious when you do so. The moment a solar panel installation goes up on your home, your neighbors will notice. It’s now common knowledge that fossil fuels are detrimental to our health and the health of the environment. It’s also detrimental to the health of your wallet. Solar panels are an investment that just makes sense. It’s why in 2016, the majority of the additions to the nation’s power grids were from solar panel and renewable energy systems. When you work with Palmetto, you can start a conversation in your community about being environmentally responsible, while still enjoying reliable and effective energy.

Solar Energy Can Be Used All Day

If you read our blog on common solar panel myths, you’ll know that some worry about the ability of solar panels to power their homes in inclement weather. In reality, you can use your solar energy panels all day long. Whether the day is cloudy and gray or sunny and clear, you’ll have a reliable source of energy. This is thanks, of course, to the solar batteries and converters that are connected to your solar panels. You can store energy for those rainy days, and even have the energy you need to work on that late night project. You’ll never have an interrupted supply of energy when you go solar.

You’ll Halt Rising Utility Costs

The fossil fuels market has been in near constant flux for the last several years. The result is that homeowners across the country never have a consistent utility bill from month-to-month. In fact, it’s estimated that the cost of residential electricity has increased by an average of three percent annually. While that might sound like a low figure, it can add up faster than you realize. A solar panel installation helps you to fix your energy rates and lowers your utility bills. Ultimately, using solar energy as an investment piece helps you save money, while your neighbors who still rely on fossil fuels will continue to experience rising utility costs.

A Solar Panel Installation Can Earn You Money

It’s not often that you invest in something for your home that actively earns you money. Often, it’s a long-term investment into something like a remodeled bathroom that earns you a return when you sell the home. But solar panels can be a source of revenue for you not long after you install them on your home. In some states, the Renewable Portfolio Standard ensures that power companies get a portion of their electricity from an alternative energy source like solar power. This creates a need for utility companies to find solar energy systems that are producing more than a home or business can use. They then buy that extra energy from you. You can sell your excess solar energy at a premium, and start paying off your solar panel installation quickly.

Look Good and Feel Good with Solar Panels

If you’re looking to show off your commitment to the environment, there are few better ways than with solar panels. In addition to looking cool, your home will actually feel cooler too. Your new solar panel installation essentially acts as a giant sun shade for your roof. This can decrease the ambient temperature in your home, a blessing in the warm summer months. Not only will you stay cooler, you’ll use your HVAC system less, and that warm sunshine will power your home. It’s a win no matter how you look at it.

So, by now you should be more than ready to make the switch to solar. If that’s the case, you can reach out to one of our solar sales partners. They can tell you about the remarkable solar technology products we have to offer, as well as our premier services like Palmetto Home, which helps you track your energy usage and savings in real time. Get started today and contact Palmetto now!