Common Solar Panel Myths

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Solar technology has become an object of fascination for home and business owners and the media alike. With great reviews and more interest, more people are discussing solar panels than ever. However, with that comes a lot of misinformation and myths. In part, this is because the technology is still relatively new, and is only recently being adopted in any kind of widespread manner. At Palmetto, we’re committed to making solar technology more accessible and affordable so that everyone can embrace clean energy. Part of achieving that mission means busting some of these common solar panel myths.

Solar Panels Don’t Work Well In the Snow and Cold

When you think about it quickly, this myth seems to make a lot of sense. After all, during the winter, the sun retreats behind layers of deep gray clouds, and the days are shorter. We don’t have the kind of sunshine we associate with an effective solar panel array. But in reality, solar panels actually work remarkably well in the cold. But why is that? Solar panels work well in colder temperatures because it results in increased conductivity. Increased conductivity means that electricity flows through your solar panels more efficiently and charges your batteries faster. Interestingly, studies have found that warmer days may actually have the inverse effect. The hotter a solar panel gets, the less power it draws, even if it’s getting the same amount of light as on a colder day.

Solar Panel Installation can Lead to a Damaged Roof

For many homeowners, they don’t think much about their roof until it's time to repair or replace it. For those with a tenuous relationship with their roof, they might hesitate to adopt solar technology for fear of damaging their roof. In fact, the reverse is true. A solar panel installation actually helps to protect your roof. Modern solar panel technology relies on mounting the panels on top of the roof itself and is joined with flashing and sealants. This leads to a protective barrier between your roof and the elements. Indeed, you’ll actually find that your roof lasts longer with a solar panel installation in place than without it. That’s because solar panels are rugged and reliable, often needing to be replaced or repaired less frequently than the average asphalt roof.

With Falling Prices, it is Worth Waiting to Install a Solar Panel Array

Well, yes and no. It’s no myth that solar technology is getting cheaper. That’s in part because of the efforts of companies like Palmetto who are committed to innovation and accessibility. But one of the key components of the falling costs of solar panel installation is the myriad of tax credits and incentives offered by local, state, and federal governments. These cuts and rebates are designed specifically to help offset the costs of solar panel installation. They make the possibility of solar technology a reality for many homeowners who might not consider it otherwise. However, there is a catch. The future of these tax cuts is uncertain, and there have been numerous changes to them on an annual basis for many years now. With fewer tax breaks, more of the cost of solar panel installation is placed back onto the consumer. What this tells you then, is that there’s never been a better time to go solar than now while you still can take advantage of these great rebates.

There Aren’t Many Reputable Solar Panel Companies

We’re sorry that this is a myth at all, as the solar panel industry is full of excellent companies who offer great products. However, this myth stems from the recent influx of contractors and materials that have hit the market. Ill-trained, and ill-equipped, some homeowners have been burned on their solar panel installations, getting inferior products from cut-rate installers. In reality, doing a little bit of research ensures that you’ll find a reliable solar panel company, like Palmetto. We stand behind our mission and our products to ensure that you get the clean energy experience that you deserve.

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