What A Solar Sales Career Looks Like

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It’s estimated that in 2017 alone, the solar energy industry added more than 73,000 new jobs. With the field expanding exponentially, more and more solar energy companies are looking to hire motivated and passionate team members. While a career in solar installation may appear obvious, careers in solar sales are not as well known. Palmetto is hiring a new group of solar sales partners to join our team of alchemists. Let’s shed some light on what a career in solar sales may look like from day-to-day.

The Overview

Solar sales partners are the face of any good solar panel company. They are often the first point of contact between the solar panel company and a potential client. As such, they work closely with clients to determine their needs and expand on their vision. From there, a solar sales partner can suggest new equipment or systems, or connect clients with maintenance and repair services.

As a solar sales partner, you’ll want to be familiar with not only the products and services of your solar panel company but also with the energy requirements and site conditions that make a solar array successful. You’ll likely have to work with clients to determine their solar resources and take into consideration factors like shade, the climate, and the structure and position of their roof. With all of this information in mind, you can offer your clients a tailor-made solar panel package that meets their needs.

What Skills You’ll Need

While anyone can be successful in a solar sales position, if you have the right set of skills, you’ll truly excel in your field. Palmetto has found that our leading Alchemist solar sales partners have the following skills:

  • Strong Communication Skills: Perhaps the bulk of your work will be done through communicating with others. While you’ll spend most of your time speaking to clients on the phone or through email, you’ll also need to connect with installation teams, product managers, and coordinate with other teams within your company. As such, you’ll want to be able to communicate important ideas clearly and concisely.

  • Organizational Skills: As a sales partner, you’ll no doubt be working with several new and existing clients at the same time. This necessitates the need for you to remain highly organized. Not only does this keep your client happy, but it also makes your job easier, granting you more time and opportunities to make more sales.

  • Knowledge of Contracts and Proposals: Successful solar sales partners will structure effective contracts and proposals that deliver exactly what the client needs without burying them in red tape and legal jargon.

  • Experience in Creating Strategic Plans: If you’ve built out marketing campaigns or made sales plans for a region or groups of customers, you’ll have an easy time keeping up with the needs of your clients. You’ll connect your customers with information about their orders, custom quotes, warranties, financing options, and more.

Industry Knowledge

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of working in a solar sales position is that the field is always changing. The technology behind solar power is constantly improving and expanding, meaning that there are always new innovations to keep track of and share with your clients and partners. Additionally, there are federal and state tax incentives that make it financially feasible for clients to take advantage of the benefits that solar energy has to offer them. Successful solar sales partners stay on top of all of these changes and are aware of regional differences. There’s always something to learn in these positions, meaning that you’re always engaged with your work.

What a Solar Sales Career has to Offer You

In addition to a dynamic work environment, solar sales is a satisfying job in many senses. First, you’re working in a cutting-edge field that is making a positive impact on the health of the environment and your local communities. If that’s not reason enough to work as a solar sales partner, this career path is also lucrative. In 2017, the top sale Alchemists at Palmetto made nearly $250,000. With the rapid expansion of the solar industry, there is always a demand for new solar arrays, ensuring that there are plenty of sales opportunities now and in the future.

Join the Palmetto Sales Team Today

Looking for a job that lets you control how much you work and earn? Passionate about caring for the environment? Want to work in a field that’s always growing and changing? Palmetto has the job for you. We’re hiring new sales partners to join our team of Alchemists. You’ll connect eco-friendly clients with the solar energy resources they need to make a positive change in the world. Start your application today and join the Palmetto team!