Why You Should Pursue A Career In the Solar Industry

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The world is on the cusp of an energy revolution. Alternative energy sources are more and more becoming the mainstream choice for energy consumption. Leading the charge, of course, is solar energy. The solar industry is a dynamic and vibrant one, packed with opportunity for employment and the promise of a gratifying career path. As Palmetto is hiring a new group of solar sales Alchemists, we thought we’d outline some of the reasons who you should pursue a career in the solar industry.

The Solar Industry is Expanding Quickly

Traditionally, the energy sector in the United States has been dominated by fossil fuels. But in recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in where the resources and employees are working in the energy sector. Rather than working an oil patch, many Americans are now setting up solar panel arrays. Forbes found that in 2017, the gas and oil industry employed around 187,000, while the solar energy industry employed more than 374,000. Solar energy added an estimated 73,000 jobs to the economy in 2017, signaling wider trends of development and growth in the industry. With such rapid growth, there’s never been a better time to get into a career in solar sales.

You’re Helping to Improve the Environment

A career in solar sales is rewarding for a myriad of reasons. While the chance at a financially successful career is one reward, an even greater one is your work to help the environment. Solar panels help to reduce pollution and stem the tide of global climate change. For every solar panel array that’s installed, it lessens the reliance on the harmful fossil fuels that accelerate climate issues. Ultimately, using the clean energy from solar panels helps to create a healthier environment for humans and animals alike.

You’ll Help the Local Economy

The increased demand for solar panels means that more and more opportunities for work are cropping up. For every solar panel array you sell, you create an employment opportunity for a local contractor and installer. This, in turn, helps to improve the local economy. Similarly, when home and business owners utilize their solar panel installations, they’ll start saving money on their utility bills. They can use these savings to improve their buildings or pay their employees more, or just spend it on goods and services they couldn’t afford otherwise. Solar energy isn’t just an investment in the environment, it’s an investment in your community.

It’s an Ideal Career for Those in Collapsing Industries

As the growth of the fossil fuels industry slows, and other industries, like coal, steel, and timber also slow, the solar energy field is a great industry to transition into. While they seem unrelated, the skills developed in other energy industries actually translate well to the solar sector. Knowledge of infrastructure, energy transportation and usage, and more can easily be applied to your new career in solar sales.

The Salaries are Competitive and Always Improving

Financially, a career in solar sales can be quite lucrative. Working with a new solar panel company is a chance to find long-term employment, and enjoy all the benefits thereof. With time and experience, your salary will improve, ensuring that you’ll live a comfortable life, even as you’re helping to make the world more comfortable for everyone else.

You’ll Have an Interesting Job

Perhaps an unsung benefit of working in solar sales is that you’ll have an interesting job. Given the attention that the solar industry has been receiving in the last few years, you’ll undoubtedly turn heads when you tell others about what you do. The solar field is as trendy as it is technical and you’ll have a certain level of cultural capital to your name in addition to financial capital.

The Solar Sector Welcomes People from Different Backgrounds

While the technology itself may be rather complicated, the fact is that the solar industry is still in need of a variety of supporting roles and positions. Don’t let the technical specs of a solar panel array keep you from pursuing a career in the solar industry. Skills like sales, writing, installation, and even education are all necessary to help the solar sector expand and improve. With even just a little bit of specialized training, you can quickly enjoy a successful career in the solar industry.

Join the Palmetto Team

Palmetto is looking for ambitious and driven individuals who are ready to be a part of this exciting career field. If you share our passion for clean energy and a healthy environment, we invite you to become an Alchemist and work as a Palmetto sales partner. Start your new career in solar sales and apply to become a sales partner now.