The Benefits Of Working A Solar Sales Job

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When you’re searching for a new job, there’s a whole litany of things you’re looking for. Location, work culture, pay, and of course, benefits. Benefits can make or break a job. While any job can offer you a dental plan and paid time off, a career in solar sales comes with some pretty unique benefits. Here are some of the great benefits that the solar sales partners at Palmetto enjoy.

A Career in the Solar Industry is Safe

It seems like every day we hear about oil pipelines breaking or engineers and workers being harmed on oil derricks. The fossil fuel sector is rife with danger, for individuals and the environment. The solar energy sector, however, is safe as can be. There will never be a news headline about a deadly solar spill that pollutes a water supply, and the chance of hurting yourself while installing a solar panel array is very low. Indeed, using sunscreen and staying hydrated are the best ways to mitigate any harm that you could be exposed to while working in the solar energy sector.

Solar Energy Helps to Improve Human Health

Unlike traditional energy and fuel sources, solar energy releases no harmful byproducts into the air. That means that those with respiratory health concerns, like asthma, don’t experience any aggravated symptoms. There are estimates that the United States could save billions every year if they were to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy instead. One estimate suggests that nearly $167 billion could be saved in health and environmental damages if the country were to adopt solar energy technology on a wide scale. As an added benefit, solar energy helps us to preserve the environment, which helps our mental health. Research suggests that spending time outside is good for our mental health and can alleviate symptoms of depressions, loneliness, and anxiety.

Solar Energy Aids in National Defense

The United States is a major consumer of fossil fuels, often using more than it produces. This forces the U.S. to purchase oil from other nations. The fossil fuel industry can destabilize these oil-producing regions, causing violence on a global level. By switching to solar energy, the U.S. is no longer sending billions of dollars to nations and states that may use some of that money to back terrorist organizations. Ultimately, solar energy helps us to reduce our dependency on these nations, ensuring they do not have the financial resources to support radical groups that mean the U.S. harm.

Solar Energy can Save Water

Most estimates agree that solar energy consumes less water than the fossil fuel industry. Burning coal or using water in a hydroelectric plant can consume hundreds of thousands of gallons a day. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy suggests that solar could reduce water usage in 36 different states, enough to hydrate 1.3 million homes. This is of great value, especially to the Western U.S. which has been plagued by droughts for years.

Solar is a Financial Boon

Whether you work in solar sales or live in a community that has embraced solar technology, you’ll experience the financial benefits. The solar industry is creating thousands of jobs all across the country. Some estimate that the industry has created more than 200,000 jobs. Typically, sales in the solar energy sector, and in solar sales, in particular, are roughly 10 percent higher than those in similar industries. Having a background in solar technology can help you achieve a new sense of financial freedom. Solar energy can also help homeowners save money on their utility bills. The addition of solar panels also raises the property values of a home, and with the cost of solar technology dropping every year, it’s increasingly becoming more feasible for homeowners to add solar panel installations to their homes. Finally, solar technology helps bring electricity to communities that may not have had access to it in the past. This opens up new economic opportunities that can lift entire communities out of poverty.

Solar Technology Helps to Combat Climate Change

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working the solar energy sector is the knowledge that you’re helping the environment by halting the causes of climate change. Every solar panel installation that goes up helps to eliminate the number of fossil fuels needed to power our lives. This reduces the number of harmful greenhouse gases released into the earth’s atmosphere. With no harmful byproducts, solar panels reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making the world a more comfortable and safe place to live.

The benefits of working in solar sales extend from financial to cultural to environmental and everything in between. If you’re ready for a new career in solar sales then Palmetto is excited to announce that we are hiring new solar sales partners to join our team of Alchemists. With flexible work hours and competitive pay rates, you can help your local community and yourself by offering them cost-saving solar technology. Get started by sending in an application today!