In-Demand Careers In The Solar Sector

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Growing at an astonishing rate, one of the most prolific industries right now is the solar energy sector. As people all over the world increasingly move away from fossil fuels and recognize the benefits of renewable energy, there has been an increased need for specialists in this field. Solar energy jobs pay well and are fairly easy to get into since many can shift their current knowledge and apply it to their new career. Within the solar sector are several in-demand careers. For instance, Palmetto is hiring right now to fill slots in our solar energy sales teams. Here are some of the opportunities that are available to you in this exciting career field.

Solar Panel Installation

As more homes and business goes solar, there is a pressing need for qualified and capable installers. Solar panel installers benefit from having a background in construction or in roofing, as these skills make their jobs significantly easier. Within the panel installation field is a variety of subfields, including solar water heater installers, and solar radiant heating installers. Solar panel installers have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. As the technology becomes more affordable, undoubtedly they will be working on many personal home projects, but there are opportunities to work with businesses, agricultural operations, and even government institutions to set up solar panel arrays and monitoring systems.

Solar Consultation And Design

Regardless of field, there’s always a need for expert knowledge. With more interest in solar technology, more people and businesses will want to embrace the technology. This means there is an obvious need for those who can design arrays and consult with buyers as to how to best implement their new solar panels. These consultants will need a strong understanding of how not only the technology works, but also the financing options behind it, and where to source the equipment and personnel needed to install a new solar panel array.

Solar Panel Maintenance And Repair

One of the benefits of solar panel areas is that they are fairly hands-off technology, not requiring a lot of maintenance. However, they do need regular cleaning, and have to be monitored frequently to ensure they’re working properly. When maintenance is required, it’s a specialized process that will require insider knowledge, particular equipment, and professional skill. Similarly, with the technology improving and advancing at the rate it is, there will undoubtedly be a number of upgrades available for solar panel systems in the coming years which is sure to keep solar panel repair firms busy.

Solar Sales And Marketing

Of course, for any of the jobs to happen, it has to start with sales and marketing. These careers get the products and technology into the hands of consumers and advocates. With this in mind, it’s obvious why solar sales are some of the most in-demand jobs in the energy sector right now. If you’re looking to break into the solar sector and have a penchant for sales, Palmetto has an opportunity for you. We’re hiring new Alchemists, our sales and support staff, who are dedicated to helping the United States achieve energy independence, all while enjoying a lower utility bill. Contact us today to find out more about our solar sales career opportunities and to start your application.