Who are we


“Palmetto’s beginnings trace back to London, where a new approach to clean energy was born. In the beginning, we focused on financing large clean energy projects, ranging from wind to hydroelectric to solar power.” - Chris Kemper Founder, CEO

The Who

We are Palmetto. Our headquarters are in the heart of Charleston, SC. Over the years we have grown to have offices in NC, MD, FL, and NV to name a few with no plans of stopping. We strive to be the world’s largest clean energy and social-impact company. We see a future powered by solar energy. With the same goal in mind, we have equipped ourselves with a team that works hard, dreams big, and loves what we do to become leaders in the push towards a clean energy future.

The Why

In the US, we recognized a need for an approachable, reliable consumer brand to scale the deployment of solar energy across the country. We focused our efforts on building a brand that people trust to bring into their homes and businesses. We believe that accessible clean energy technology is the answer to increasing awareness, educating, and adding clarity to the solar energy process. Our job is to make that process easier by providing the technology, support, and tools our consumers want to gain energy independence, add a positive impact on the environment, and lessen their utility bill.

The What and How

In the beginning, we worked to educate investors and other institutions about the benefits of investing in not only Palmetto but a clean energy future. Along the way, we began to connect homeowners to our Palmetto Home technology and service network, helping them to go solar and track their own system usage and savings, gaining true energy independence.

Today, we focus on providing our customers with clean energy tech, services, and capital allowing the process to be more cost-effective and simplified. We are working hard to bring advanced clean-energy independence by providing intelligent solutions through digital applications that are actionable and accessible to a growing community.  We have also allocated some of our focus in assisting our sales and build partners in their process of working with homeowners to ensure that we set them up for success, making us the one-stop-shop for everything solar.

Next, we are hoping to revamp and streamline our software, technology, communication, and team with the same goal in mind, lead the world towards a clean energy future. Keep an eye out for us, solar is coming.

How Do Home Solar Panels work | Benefits of Home Solar Panels

How Do Home Solar Panels work | Benefits of Home Solar Panels

How do solar panels work and can they help save you money? We share the benefits of home solar panels and whether the advantages of solar energy are right for you!

These Smart Home Products Stretch Your Solar Power Even Further

Smart home technology makes modern living easier and more energy efficient. Connect your solar clients with these products to get the most out of their solar panels. Join the Palmetto sales team today!

Why Your Clients Shouldn't Install Their Own Solar Panels

Why Your Client's Shouldn't Install Their Own Solar Panels.jpg

Solar panels are a major investment for any homeowner. They deliver the promise of energy independence, environmentally responsibility, and lower utility bills. However, even after the various rebates and tax credits, some homeowners might blanch at the cost of solar panel installation. To save some money, they might want to install the panels themselves. When working in a solar sales position, you might come across clients like these. It’s critical that you explain to them why they shouldn’t attempt to install solar panels on their own, and instead work with the installation teams from Palmetto. Here are some reasons why your clients shouldn’t install their own solar panels.

The Materials Are More Expensive

If a client’s first reaction to your quote and proposal is to raise their eyebrows in surprise, don’t panic. Instead, explain to them that these costs are significantly higher if they were to look into buying the materials and install the panels on their own. Palmetto offers top-quality solar panel technology, something our competitors cannot say, but they will charge the same prices for lesser materials. Similarly, these materials often are not as durable as our’s are, meaning that client who installs their own solar panels may have to replace them far sooner than they’d like. Essentially, they’ll buy the same set of solar panels twice.

It’s Not Always Easy to Figure Out Where to Put Your Panels

As a solar sales partner, you’ll know all the tips and tricks to figure out where a solar panel installation would work best on a home. But your clients likely do not have this knowledge. Every home has its own architectural nuances, and while general knowledge like “south-facing roofs get the most sun” might set your client on the right path, the shape and size of their roof might not make a solar panel there very effective. When you work with the installation team at Palmetto, your client’s can rest easy knowing that their panels will be placed correctly. If they place them incorrectly on their own, your client will have to pay a contractor to have redone anyway.

Electric Work Requires Special Training

While solar technology is getting easier to use every day, we haven’t quite reached the “plug and play” status that we’d all like. Installing solar panels is a complicated process that requires some advanced electrical training. When solar panels are installed, it also involves putting in new wiring for each panel and tying it into the home’s electrical system. This process can be risky for unskilled homeowners. For instance, failing to cut the power to the home before wiring in the solar panels can result in electrocution. If the panels are not installed correctly, the first time they are powered up could lead to a power surge in the home. Power surges lead to complications like blown inverters or even electrical fires. Unless your client has an extensive background in electrical work, it’s best that they work with the installation teams at Palmetto.

DIY Installations Aren’t Backed By A Warranty

If your client insists on buying their own solar panels and installing them on their own, remind them that they will not have the benefit of a warranty. Installing your own solar panels can actually void any existing warranties in some cases. When your clients elect to work with the professional installation teams at Palmetto, they will ensure that the parts and materials will be within the warranty. Additionally, the labor will likely be warrantied as well.

Your Clients May Miss Out On Tax Credits

While tax credits make solar panel installations more affordable, not everyone is aware of them. Your client could risk missing out on these valuable rebates if they elect to install their own solar panels.  As a solar sales partner, you’ll have a detailed familiarity with these incentives, at the Federal and state level, and connect your clients with them. Ultimately, this helps your clients to save money, even if the initial costs may seem like a lot to them.

As a solar sales partner with Palmetto, it’s your job to empower your clients with the knowledge and materials they need to make the change to solar power. If you’re excited by the prospect of helping others join the solar energy revolution, then we have a job for you. Palmetto is hiring new Alchemists, our team of dedicated solar sales partners. You’ll enjoy flexible work hours, competitive pay, and a job culture that is committed to helping the world gain access to affordable and effective solar technology. Find out more today by contacting us, and then get started on your application!

Why You Should Pursue A Career In the Solar Industry

Why You Should Pursue A Career In the Solar Industry.jpg

The world is on the cusp of an energy revolution. Alternative energy sources are more and more becoming the mainstream choice for energy consumption. Leading the charge, of course, is solar energy. The solar industry is a dynamic and vibrant one, packed with opportunity for employment and the promise of a gratifying career path. As Palmetto is hiring a new group of solar sales Alchemists, we thought we’d outline some of the reasons who you should pursue a career in the solar industry.

The Solar Industry is Expanding Quickly

Traditionally, the energy sector in the United States has been dominated by fossil fuels. But in recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in where the resources and employees are working in the energy sector. Rather than working an oil patch, many Americans are now setting up solar panel arrays. Forbes found that in 2017, the gas and oil industry employed around 187,000, while the solar energy industry employed more than 374,000. Solar energy added an estimated 73,000 jobs to the economy in 2017, signaling wider trends of development and growth in the industry. With such rapid growth, there’s never been a better time to get into a career in solar sales.

You’re Helping to Improve the Environment

A career in solar sales is rewarding for a myriad of reasons. While the chance at a financially successful career is one reward, an even greater one is your work to help the environment. Solar panels help to reduce pollution and stem the tide of global climate change. For every solar panel array that’s installed, it lessens the reliance on the harmful fossil fuels that accelerate climate issues. Ultimately, using the clean energy from solar panels helps to create a healthier environment for humans and animals alike.

You’ll Help the Local Economy

The increased demand for solar panels means that more and more opportunities for work are cropping up. For every solar panel array you sell, you create an employment opportunity for a local contractor and installer. This, in turn, helps to improve the local economy. Similarly, when home and business owners utilize their solar panel installations, they’ll start saving money on their utility bills. They can use these savings to improve their buildings or pay their employees more, or just spend it on goods and services they couldn’t afford otherwise. Solar energy isn’t just an investment in the environment, it’s an investment in your community.

It’s an Ideal Career for Those in Collapsing Industries

As the growth of the fossil fuels industry slows, and other industries, like coal, steel, and timber also slow, the solar energy field is a great industry to transition into. While they seem unrelated, the skills developed in other energy industries actually translate well to the solar sector. Knowledge of infrastructure, energy transportation and usage, and more can easily be applied to your new career in solar sales.

The Salaries are Competitive and Always Improving

Financially, a career in solar sales can be quite lucrative. Working with a new solar panel company is a chance to find long-term employment, and enjoy all the benefits thereof. With time and experience, your salary will improve, ensuring that you’ll live a comfortable life, even as you’re helping to make the world more comfortable for everyone else.

You’ll Have an Interesting Job

Perhaps an unsung benefit of working in solar sales is that you’ll have an interesting job. Given the attention that the solar industry has been receiving in the last few years, you’ll undoubtedly turn heads when you tell others about what you do. The solar field is as trendy as it is technical and you’ll have a certain level of cultural capital to your name in addition to financial capital.

The Solar Sector Welcomes People from Different Backgrounds

While the technology itself may be rather complicated, the fact is that the solar industry is still in need of a variety of supporting roles and positions. Don’t let the technical specs of a solar panel array keep you from pursuing a career in the solar industry. Skills like sales, writing, installation, and even education are all necessary to help the solar sector expand and improve. With even just a little bit of specialized training, you can quickly enjoy a successful career in the solar industry.

Join the Palmetto Team

Palmetto is looking for ambitious and driven individuals who are ready to be a part of this exciting career field. If you share our passion for clean energy and a healthy environment, we invite you to become an Alchemist and work as a Palmetto sales partner. Start your new career in solar sales and apply to become a sales partner now.