Home Solar Installation

Palmetto has a passion for all things solar. And yes, we have a great story to tell. Since 2009, Palmetto has helped homeowners save tremendous amounts off their electric bill by installing solar power on their homes.



Why Solar?

Go Solar & Save — Drastically Reduce Your Energy Bill.
The cost of electricity for homeowners has gone up in 28 of the past 30 years, with an almost 40% increase in the last decade alone. History indicates that homeowners who remain completely grid-dependent will pay more in utilities next year than they do now, and will continue to pay more with each coming year.


$0 Down Financing - Own Your Power. Don't Rent It.

Solar is the smartest way to purchase power. With the $0-down, you can now own your energy and turn your monthly electric bill into an investment — not just another monthly expense. If you are purchasing power from a utility, your power bill will never decrease and will never be eliminated. Today, solar power ownership is the smartest way to purchase energy.


Yes, you can receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit off the price of you system.
Did you know that if you act now, you can save a whopping 30% off the cost of your Solar Energy System? Currently you can receive a 30% Solar Federal Tax Credit simply by going solar today. Have questions? Let us help guide you through the easy solar process and maximize your total savings.

Interested in how much you can save by going solar?