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Apple is Getting Greener and Greener

Apple, the electronic giant that is, announced the other day that 93 percent of its facilities worldwide are now solar-powered! They run on clean energy, as reported by GTM Research.

Apple Supports Renewable Energy and Solar Panel Installation

This is a signal to other RE100 institutions and an achievement that is making good on its environmental promises two years after the company pledged to become 100 percent renewable in 100 percent of the company’s operations, including all of its offices, retail stores and data centers.

Running entirely on solar energy in 23 countries, including the U.S. and China, Apple is serious about its responsibilities in tackling global climate change: “The solution is energy efficiency and renewable energy, and the time for action is right now.”

To mention a few notable examples; in China a 40 Megawatt solar PV array powers Apple’s 34 retail stores and 19 offices in the country; in Singapore, a highly dense country with limited space Apple has installed solar PV arrays on 800 rooftops; and in the U.S., Apple has entered a $848 million, 25-year power- purchase agreement with 130 Megawatt solar PV plant in Monterey County, in one of the largest renewable energy deals signed by a U.S. company to date.

The Monterey agreement equates to the electricity consumption of all Apple facilities in California, including the “spaceship” campus in Cupertino, which itself will generate 8 Megawatts of power.

While Apple has yet to reach its overall 100 percent renewable energy target, all of its data centers now run on renewable energy.

PV Solar Future

However, as with many other businesses groups, the environmental footprint is far bigger than the facilities or buildings they own. In the case of Apple, facilities make up just one percent of Apple’s overall carbon footprint, according to the electronics giant’s latest sustainability report. So to address carbon emissions in its supply-chain emissions, Apple plans to install more than 2 Gigawatt of new clean energy in partnership with its suppliers in China; e.g. iPhone manufacturer Foxconn will construct 400 Megawatt of solar PV by 2018.

So Apple is getting greener and greener!

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